2019 Season
2018 Season

2018-2019 Sponsors

Diamond ($10,000+)

Platinum ($4000-9999)


Support from the Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science extends far beyond financial contribution. Lasting partnerships between faculty members, staff members, and students has enabled the team to find its grounding in a supportive environment where ambitious projects have come to fruition.

Carpenter Technology provides the team with its Aermet 100 and Ferrium high-strength steel alloys. These parts are used in our custom gearbox, custom CVT primary, rear hubs, and driveshafts. These amazing alloys allow the team to push weight limits on high-stress parts.

The Queen’s Baja Team is proud to be affiliated with Magna, a company leading in innovative engineering and manufacturing. Magna is a Canadian success story in the automotive industry and is paving a path for engineering on an international stage.

Wejay provides the Queen’s Baja Team with vital machining services including complex milling operations and wire EDM. These operations allow the team to meet tight manufacturing deadlines and perform complex operations not possible in-house such as internal splining.

Gold ($1500-3999)

The team is excited to be in partnership with Isaac Operations, an engineering consulting firm committed to high quality engineering work and a good friend of the Queen's Engineering community. 

EMJ Metals has generously supplied all the chromoly steel tubing for the 2019 Queen's Baja. In addition to providing a high quality product, the customer experience at EMJ Metals is truly exceptional.

SKF is a long-standing partner of the Queen’s Baja team. SKF's high-quality bearings allow the team to reduce rolling resistance without compromising on wheel package stiffness. SKF bearings are also used in the team's custom gearbox to improve drivetrain efficiency.

Signature Aluminum's high strength aluminum alloys are used for high-stress components such as uprights, hubs, and the gearbox housing. The Queen’s Baja Team depends on Signature's high strength aluminum alloys to reduce weight while meeting safety factors.

Spaenaur’s wide range of fasteners are used to connect virtually every component and subsystem on the the vehicle. Every fastener, from high-strength suspension shoulder bolts to retaining rings are sourced from Spaenaur.

Misumi's wide range of products cover the team's needs for a range of subsystems, including CVT track roller bearings and frame jigging components. Misumi's wide product selection and fast shipping allow the team to obtain all required components when needed.

Advantage Engineering's 5-axis mills allow the team to efficiently manufacture its most complex parts. The machining support allows Queen's Baja to meet its tight manufacturing schedule.

St-Hubert Machine Shop has been a Queen's Baja sponsor since 2015. Their gear and spline cutting allows the team to push safety factors on its fully custom gear box.

Silver ($500-1499)

 Bronze ($10-499)

Serve Pro Sandblasting